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Rave Off Road

2023+ Sequoia Marker Light Kit for Heritage / Pro Grille

2023+ Sequoia Marker Light Kit for Heritage / Pro Grille

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Our 3D printed series are the OG plug-and-play aftermarket marker light kit! The Rave Off Road Marker Light Kit adds 3 LED marker lights to the OEM TRD Pro grille in the 3 voids located at the top of the grill insert.

No bumper assembly removal required, simply remove the active grille shutter bolts near at the top, and reach underneath to install using our provided permanent automotive-rated mounting tape.

3D Printed Series Install Instructions

Lumens Per Module: 24

Total Current Draw: 0.06 Amps

Voltage: 12V

Beam Angle: 110° 

Outer Housing: 3D Printed Black ABS 

LED Lens: Clear 

LED Color: Amber or Cool White

Operating Temperature: -4° to 122° F   (-20° to 50° C) Operation outside these temperatures may damage the lights. If you live in extreme climates, we recommend using a dash switch instead of an add-a-fuse to ensure appropriate usage. We cannot warranty lights used outside of these temperatures.

IP Rating: IP65. In wet or humid environments water or condensation may enter the lens, but will not affect functionality of the LEDs. The LED modules will work even if moisture enters the inside of the lens. There is a bleed hole which will allow water to evaporate. Water or moisture inside the lens will not damage your truck, the battery, or electrical system. The circuit is protected by an in-line fuse (provided)

Additional Colors available, please reach out for a custom order.

Disclaimer: Please note that your traffic laws may not allow for legal use of non-standard colors while driving on the road. Buyer is responsible for adhering to local code. Non-standard colors are for off-road use only. 

Original design and assembly by our team in Utah, USA.



Our injection series light kit offers higher moisture protection, a full lens housing, and maintains OEM style. These lights are a direct fit on our aftermarket trd pro grille. Although they have a loose fit on the OEM grille, they may be installed using 3M VHB  permanent mounting tape or JB weld (not included) Please note that the injection series installation is different from the PDF above. Wiring is the same for both series.



Lumens Per Module: 18

Total Current Draw: 0.04 Amps

Voltage: 12V

Beam Angle: 110° 

Housing/Lens: Amber

LED Color: Amber

IP Rating: IP65 Rated & Moisture-sealed


Marker light returns or exchanges for purchasing the wrong style will incur a $15 restocking fee. Please thoroughly read all product details before making your purchase. 

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