Become a RAVE Ambassador

You would not believe the amount of product influencers out there in our space. You're probably reading this because you are one of them. You have a good looking truck, and you know it. Maybe you have a religious following of enthusiasts. Maybe you don't. Maybe you just have a good friend or neighbor that shares your enthusiasm. You have killer content. Maybe you don't. Either way, this is for you.

We get dozens of messages a week asking for free or discounted products in exchange for exposure and content. That's awesome, we believe in strong content/social marketing, in fact, all our sponsorship spots filled within weeks of opening our store, but we believe even more strongly in integrity and working with passionate partners. We also believe in going out on the trails to actually have fun, to get the truck dirty, experience the adventure that comes with these extremely capable vehicles.

As cool as they are, we didn't create RAVE products for photo shoots. We want you to use our products to get your family, friends, and gear to your new favorite spot, to make memories, to explore, and maybe, just maybe, you can catch some killer content on the way.

We've created a performance-based ambassador program.

If you are passionate about our leading brand and would like to grow with us, we strongly encourage you to become an ambassador.


  • Unlimited earnings potential. Your exposure and partnership doesn't end with a discount or freebie on a single purchase.
  • Gives your following greater advantages to engage with you.
  • Allows us to reward only those who truly help us grow.


  • Any purchase over $600

How It Works

  • After an original qualifying purchase, sign up below. Be sure to include your order number. We will then reach out and you will receive a unique promo-code. That code can be shared and used by your followers, neighbors, friends, yourself, etc.
  • Both parties enjoy a 5% kick-back for helping both RAVE and the RAVE Ambassador grow. 
    • New buyer enjoys 5% off their new purchase with no minimum purchase amount.
    • Ambassador receives 5% of the new purchase placed by the new buyer via a refund towards their original payment method.
  • Once the Ambassador receives the full value of the original purchase in ambassador reward refunds, store credit will be awarded with no limits.


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