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Interior Ambient Lighting Kit for 2023+ Sequoia

Interior Ambient Lighting Kit for 2023+ Sequoia

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Backorder. Roughly 10-12 weeks lead time.

We are thrilled to offer this one-of-a-kind mood lighting kit for the 2023+ Sequoia. Sadly, many of the Sequoia trims, including the highly priced TRD Pro, do not come with this feature from the factory. Platinum and Capstone Sequoias are the only trim levels to come off the factory line with this premium interior package.

When we bought a TRD Pro for our family, we wanted it to feel like a premium truck, so we got to work.

We started with original Toyota parts which come in a light blue color. While very cool, we knew we could take them to the next level, so we customized these OEM parts to better fit the interior style of the TRD Pro. We kept the original brackets and lenses, but customized the output to glow in red.


  • Adds a stunning soft, evenly distributed glow
  • Includes horizontal lighting for all 4 doors and the passenger dash trim above the glove box.
  • Includes diffused lighting for the small storage tray in each of the 4 doors.
  • Taps into the 12v from the window motor control switch on each door which has a backlight illumination circuit. Taps into the glove box light.


  • Requires removal of the dash trim and each of the 4 interior door panels.
  • May require plastic cutting in completely hidden areas.
  • Includes: Driver Door Strip, Driver Footwell Courtesy Light, Passenger Dash Garnish Strip, Passenger Door Strip, Passenger Footwell Courtesy Light, Rear Driver and Passenger Side Door Strips (2)
  • Plug and play for trucks already equipped with mood lighting. (no splicing required)
  • Circuit Tester Recommended for Install
  • Includes extra clips for the door panel if clips break.
  • Heritage Dash Trim Requires Trimming. Purchase pre-trimmed dash emblem here.


  • 2022+ Tundra or 2023+ Sequoia, all trims and models

(Starting on orders placed 3/27/24 and later, front seat footwell lighting will be included)

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