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Rave Off Road

Rave 8-Channel Auxiliary Switch Kit

Rave 8-Channel Auxiliary Switch Kit

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Allows for control of up to 8 different accessories and devices. Command all your vehicle accessories from the tap of your finger. Especially convenient for when you run out of dash switch blanks to replace with dash switches.

As you add accessories to your truck, you no longer need to bring wires through the firewall for each mod, simply access power through the included auxiliary fuse box. 

The provided switch labels make it easy to indicate what is connected to each circuit.

Master On / Off memory override center switch.

Built-in resettable fuse, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection, and over
current protection.

The fuse adapter makes it easy to connect the control box to the vehicle's fuse box
without cutting, splicing, or damaging the vehicle's original wiring.

20ft 4-pin wiring harness features a Plug-N-Play design, allowing for effortless installation of extension wires. The ample length provides sufficient reach to extend your wiring harness to your desired location for installation of the control box.

Two types of adjustable mounting bracket options make it easy to mount the fuse panel
in the best location for your specific vehicle.

Compact footprint | Controller - 4.5" x 2.5 x 0.5" | Fuse Panel - 7.375" x 4.375"

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