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Garmin Power Switch - Control Accessories with CarPlay

Garmin Power Switch - Control Accessories with CarPlay

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Add Wireless Control for your Vehicle's Electrical Accessories

Garmin PowerSwitch is a compact digital switch box that offers convenient centralized control of your vehicle’s 12-volt accessories from a compatible Garmin navigator,  smartphone, or even on your dash using Apple CarPlay. 

Control light bars, horns, air compressors, locks and more, right from your  

Installation is a snap - no cutting into the dashboards, through the firewall, or interference with your vehicle's electronics.

Tough enough for off-roading, this rugged switch box is IPX7 weather resistant.

Use your device's touchscreen to wirelessly access up to six switch outputs of 30 amps each.

Tailor on screen switch panels with customizable labels, icons, channel groups and more.

Want to control more? You can access up to four Garmin PowerSwitch devices from the same display.

The App

Use the Garmin PowerSwitch app on your compatible Garmin navigator or smartphone to control all your accessories from your touchscreen device. 

Wireless Switch Control

The Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box uses BLUETOOTH wireless connectivity to program and operate your accessories from compatible Garmin navigators or smartphones.

More Control

Control up to four of your Garmin PowerSwitch devices from your compatible Garmin navigator or smartphone.

In-Dash Connectivity

Garmin PowerSwitch support for the Apple CarPlay software feature and Android Auto connectivity (enabled via this app) lets you seamlessly view and control switching functions from your vehicle's compatible in-dash infotainment display.


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