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2024+ Tacoma TRD Pro Hood Scoop Swap Kit

2024+ Tacoma TRD Pro Hood Scoop Swap Kit

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With this front-and-center statement piece transformation, you can obtain the TRD Pro's aggressive style for a fraction of the cost.

This hood scoop kit includes about 50 Original Toyota-Manufactured (OEM) parts including weather stripping, screws, bolts, retainer clips, the scoop assembly, and the hood.

With options for both pre-painted and hire-your-own painter kits, we have choices for you to get you as close to a perfect color match as possible while balancing convenience and affordability.

The hood scoop comes painted gloss black from Toyota. The hood comes primed in grey.

Our paint shop boasts over 25 years experience in automotive paint. We use a 11-step painting process in a ventilated and pressure controlled automotive painting both to ensure durable and high quality paint job.

  1. 600 grit sanding
  2. Seam Sealer
  3. Surface Cleanser
  4. Surface Sealer
  5. Paint Primer
  6. Paint Coat 1
  7. Paint Coat 2
  8. Clear Coat 1
  9. Clear Coat 2
  10. Bake
  11. 2 Week Cure (for painted hoods shipped)

Option 1. Painted Hood + Scoop

You will need to remove your gas cap and ship it to us. Our support team will email a pre-paid shipping label to you. 

Rave will use your gas cap to get a close paint match. Typically, a good paint shop will blend a hood into the fenders and front bumper, however, since your truck isn't here, we'll need to get as close as possible by referencing your gas cap.

Once the hood arrives from our Toyota parts supplier (lead times may apply) and your gas cap is here, we will paint according to the 11-step process outlined above.

Freight shipping credit of up to $500 is included. Additional freight may be required. Here are a few examples of Old Dominion Freight actual costs:

  • A shipment from our shop in Utah to Pennsylvania costs $748, resulting in an additional $248 invoice.
  • A shipment from our shop in Utah to Texas costs $532, resulting in an additional $32 invoice.

Option 2. Scoop Only 

We'll send everything but the hood (part # 53301-AK020) and you'll be responsible for sourcing and painting your hood. A local auto-body or collision shop with great reviews is a good place to start. This is also a great option for those looking to remove a paint-matched hood scoop from a TRD Sport and install the gloss black hood scoop to get the TRD Pro style.

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